Pan fried cod loin with grilled veg and parsnip puree

Pan fried Cod, roast veg, parsnip puree + shallot and caper vinagrette

There's a few steps to this one but it makes a good blue print for any fish dish by incorporating 4 essential elements - fish, salad, acid, base. e.g. swap the parsnip puree for butternut squash or the Cod for salmon etc.

Ingredients: Cod loin, parsnips, garlic, chicory, shallots, lemon juice, capers, herb to garnish (parsley used here)


Roast veg- Slice some shallots and chicory into similar sized wedges. Place in a baking tray with some oil then season. Roast for 25 mins or so until a bit crispy 

Parsnip puree: Bring a small pan of water to the boil and add peeled cubed parsnip(s) and whole garlic cloves (1 per parsnip is about right). Boil for about 10 mins and then drain off the water.

To a blender, add the parsnips/ garlic, a knob of butter and S+P. Whizz until silky smooth. Put aside.

Pan fried cod: Season your cod loin with salt 15 mins prior to cooking. Pat it dry and fry in hot oil on the flat (skin side).

Leave the cod frying on the same side until you can see a nice golden crust forming and the translucent white flesh has almost all turned opaque. Flip it over for the last 30 secs then rest.

Vinaigrette: To an empty jam jar or bowl add finely diced shallots (approx 1tsp per person), lemon juice, diced capers and olive oil. 3:1 ration of oil to lemon.

Serve with parsnip puree as a base, with roast veg then cod on top, drizzle over the dressing and garnish with some parsley or tarragon.