Scallops, chorizo, chicory salad with balsamic dressing

Scallop, chorizo and chicory salad with balsamic glaze

When scallops and chorizo feature in a meal you can't go far wrong. This takes less than 10 mins to prepare so great for a light lunch or starter when you are entertaining.

I have used chicory here, which is not everyone's favourite but any salad leaves would do but I think crunch and colour are important

Ingredients: Roe on scallops (3 per person), sliced chorizo, spring onion, balsamic vinegar, olive oil


1) Pan fry your scallops- you are aiming to get a nice caramelised colour on each side here. 2 important aspects of achieving this are:

- Make sure your scallops are dry. Use kitchen towel or leave uncovered in the fridge for a while

- Start with hot pan and cook scallops for 2 mins on each side. It's best to cook a few at a time rather than overcrowding the pan.

2) Put your cooked scallops aside to rest and add the chorizo to the pan on a medium heat, cooking until golden edges appear and the pan oil turns scarlet

3) Whilst the chorizo is sizzling, prepare some salad leaves (chicory) and slice a spring onion 

4) Take out you cooked chorizo and return the pan to the heat. Pour in some balsamic vinegar and scrape/mix with any sticky chorizo or scallop residue left in the pan

5) Add olive oil to the balsamic reduction to make it a pouring consistency. This is your salad dressing so you want approx 3:1 oil to balsamic 

6) Arrange your salad leaves and put your scallops and chorizo on top. Drizzle the warm balsamic dressing. Sprinkle the chopped spring onion.

Bon appetite