'Nduja Scallops with mashed cauliflower

'Nduja Scallops with mashed cauliflower

Buttery mashed cauliflower, sweet scallops and spicy nduja. This is a great scallop recipe for a decent lunch or a dinner party showpiece.


Ingredients: 'Nduja, scallops, cauliflower, butter, spring onion


1) Put a pan of water on the hob while you cut the cauliflower into chunks


2) add salt to the water and boil the cauli for 10 minutes. Then drain it, put is back in the empty pan and add a decent knob of butter. leave it to stand while you focus on the scallops.


3) Make sure your scallops are nice and dry (sticky rather than slippery) and put them flat side down in some hot oil. for best results, don’t over crowd the pan and keep the heat on high.


4) after about a minute the scallops should start to colour and caramelise nicely. Flip them and add a table spoon of 'Nduja.


5) as the scallops finish off the 'Nduja should break apart and create a scarlet oil.


6) Remove the scallops after another minute of cooking and let them rest.


7) turn down the heat until the nduja has disintegrated and caught a bit of colour (2 minutes or so).


8) Mash the cauliflower (or blend it in a food processor if you prefer a puree). 


Serve by placing the scallops on a bed of mashed cauli and drizzling the 'Nduja bits and oil over them. garnish with spring onions sliced finely.




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