Plaice goujons and tartar sauce

Plaice goujons and tartar sauce

Breading and frying fish is a little fiddly but a classic way to eat flat fish such as plaice. 

What you will need-  a frying pan and a few bowls for breading.

Ingredients: Plaice fillets, flour, paprika, eggs, breadcrumbs, vegetable oil (for frying)

First off you need to skin your plaice. the best way to do this is to first cut the fillets in half along the lateral line (heat to tail)

Lay the fillets skin side down flat on a board. make an incision to separate the skin from the flesh at the the thin (tail) end and hold the flap of skin. Angle the blade down and push away from you while pulling the fillet towards you, keeping the fillet flat on the board. this will leave you with some skin (discard) and a skinless half fillet- repeat for the rest of the fillets.

Mix some flour with paprika and dust the fillets. Then dip the floured fillets in a beaten egg followed by breadcrumbs.

shallow fry in vegetable oil until golden brown and sever with tartar sauce

 For a garnish try picking some red onion in lime juice- finely slice some red onion and season with salt then squeeze a lime over them. they dont need to be submerged in lime juice, just enough so all the onion is covered. approx juice of one lime per 1/2 onion. leave for 10 mins or so and sprinkle over the fish. 

I have aslo fried some parsley in the oil until crunchy.

 tuck in!