Haddock with Boulangere Potatoes and an Olive Tapenade

Haddock with Boulangere Potatoes and an Olive Tapenade

Another easy but delicious tray bake, especially easy if you have a food processor.

Ingredients: 1 kg potatoes (floury ones probably best but any will do), 3 Shallots, Olive oil, haddock fillets, 250g mixed pitted olives, a cup of finely diced parsley, 1 lemon (juiced), 1 garlic clove, 2 tablespoons of capers.


1) Turn the oven to 180C and then thinly slice the potatoes and the shallots.


2) Cover the potatoes and shallots liberally with olive oil so that each thin slice has a thin coating then season well.


3) Place the potatoes and shallots in a baking tray and arrange them so they form an overlapping layer about an inch or more deep with no air pockets.


4) Put this in the oven and cook for 45 mins.


5) Whilst the potatoes are cooking, finely dice the olives, capers and parsley and mince a clove of garlic.  This is much easier in a food processor but I don’t have one!


6) Add these ingredients into a separate bowl and add olive oil until the consistency of a sauce.


7) After 45 mins, check the potatoes- they should be golden brown on top and nice and crispy.


8) Place the haddock fillets on top of the potatoes, skin side down. then return the tray to the oven to cook the fish for a further 10 mins.


9) Remove from the oven and serve in the tray with tapenade spooned on from a height so is splats all over the potatoes and fish


10) serve with tenderstem or purple sprouting broc and enjoy!