Scallop, bacon and avocado sandwich

Scallop, bacon and avocado sandwich

This is a gentrified version of a Billingsgate gem. It's not on the menu but if you ever find yourself in the Billingsgate market café, ask for a scallop and bacon bap - you won’t be disappointed! Highly recommended as a lazy Saturday morning breakfast with a cup of coffee.

Ingredients (serves 1): 2x Thick slices of sourdough, smoked bacon, 3 x Roe on Scallops, smashed avocado, squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper

Not really a recipe: Start the scallops first in the frying pan they will need 2 mins on each side. Add some bacon and fry to desired crispiness.

Scoop out a ripe avocado and add salt pepper and squeeze of lemon juice. mix

Assemble. Devour.

Ignore the avocado and use one of those chewy white baps for the authentic Billingsgate experience.