2 x MSCPlaice fillets - 2 SERVINGS

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These plaice fillets are a must try. 

Plaice are a smallish flatfish with delicious delicate flesh. Boneless fillets are great for pan frying and baking, and a great option if you want experiment or try something new.

Our Plaice are caught in the North Atlantic in icelandic territorial waters and the filleted and frozen in Iceland.

You will notice some fillets are white with the occasional brown spot, these fillets are from the underside of the fish and are known as the 'white' fillet. The topside or 'black' fillet is greenish brown with beautiful brink red orange spots. Fun fact.-You can often tell where a plaice is from by the colour of the black fillet. for example Icelandic plaice are charcoal coloured to blend in with their volcanic surrounding. 

The classic way to eat flatfish is to pan fry in butter with a lemon caper and parsley sauce. Click here our recipe section for more ideas to get the best out of your plaice.