2 x Boneless Haddock fillets - 2 SERVINGS

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2 x Boneless Haddock fillets - 2 SERVINGS is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Haddock often get lumped together with other 'white fish' but they stand out as a uniquely delicious member in our view. 

Their flesh has a medium firm texture when cooked, similar in appearance to cod but with a slightly richer, stronger flavour.

These are boneless, skin on fillets which are an ideal size for 1 each per person.  The distinctive round mark near the head end of the fillet is said to be St. Peters thumbprint  indelibly marked when he grabbed a Haddock form the sea of Galilee. Particularly impressive considering there is no record of them ever existing there.  

Quick to defrost, easy to cook and a very versatile day to day staple fish for to feed the family. We like to keep it simple with our haddock - pan fried with chips and vinegar is pretty unbeatable we also have a great tray bake recipe for haddock with Spanish potatoes and chorizo which you can find here

Our haddock trawl is caught in the Barents sea. This fishery is certified as sustianable- more information for this specific fishery can be found here.