12 x Large wild Argentina red shrimps – 2 SERVINGS

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12 x Large wild Argentina red shrimps – 2 SERVINGS is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Raw, peeled and deveined.

These are absolutely delicious with a flavor and texture that is often compared to Lobster, and i think one of the best prawns avialible in the UK.

The size of each varies slightly bit they are all within a little finger to index finger in size so the term ‘shrimp’ is a bit misleading! These are nice and big and something a bit special.

Argentina red shrimp are a large marine prawn found in the south Atlantic. This Fishery is currently in a fishery improvement project (FIP) and making excellent progress towards MSC certification. Click here to find out more.

Each one had been peeled and deveined and individually frozen. To protect the prawns, an ice glaze is used so you will get quite a lot of water when defrosting – for this reason it is best to remove the packaging and put them in a bowl overnight, then simply drain off any water.

As will all prawns in the UK, they have been dipped in an antioxidant solution. The function of this is to keep prawns from turning black and maintaining their appealing red colour. This is an industry standard practice. Unlike most other prawns, these have not been soaked in phosphates to increase their weight.  


Argentina red shrimp

Water (ice glaze 20%)

Antioxidant – Sodium metabisulphite